Unequivocally better than any ad.

The DL is simply the most cost effective advertising solution for small business in the city of Harrisonburg. You offer several exclusive deals and we market you to an ever-growing base of community members. We report in-depth statistics on the reception of your offers and the buzz about your business. We help you to not only reach your customers, but build relationships.

Ever-growing market

We are constantly promoting The DL, which means that we're always giving you more potential customers.

In-depth statistics

Find out how many people view the emails, who posts it to facebook, who tweets about it, who re-tweets that tweet, and much, much more. We also have the capability to run A/B split tests to see which email set-ups amount to the most follow-up clicks. That means that we can refine our emails to be as pertinent as humanly (and technilogically) possible.

Top-notch software

The mailing list host that we use is the same one used by big names such as MTV, Dippin Dots, Mozilla, SOJA, and Invisible Children.

The best value in town. Hands down.

For the cost of one 3"x5" ad in a single issue of the college newspaper, you could get a whole month of advertising with the DL, where you have a team working specifically to promote your business and find you new customers who are excited about trying out what you have to offer. We're not going to slap your ad on a piece of newsprint and cross our fingers. We're going to integrate you into our brand, let you become a part of our family, and see to it that you're happy with the results.

Why it works


With a bi-weekly email, if we have 1000 subscribers, that means that 8000 emails go out per month. That's a lot of emails. Sending out two emails a week is (we'd like to think) the perfect amount of involvement. It creates a familiarity with the service, but the fact that the deal changes twice a week keeps the offers fresh and exciting. Frequent, but not too frequent, and always fresh.

How is this different from a regular ad?

When people buy a newspaper, they don't buy it for the ads. They buy the paper for the news and weather and sports, and if they happen to see an ad, it's usually just by chance. On a good day, you would be lucky if 10% of the people who read the paper will look at your ad for more than a few seconds. Subscribers to the DL on the other hand have signed up for this service specifically to receive the deals that you're offering!