Pleased to meet you.

The DL, as an idea, was put into motion in the later half of 2010 and officially launched on March 3rd, 2011. This is a service that nobody seems to get quite right, so we've decided to try to fill that void. We are three undergrads at James Madison University, and we humbly run The DL from our apartment at Urban Exchange.

Say hello to corporate.

Michael Keith

Business Director

The DL was actually Mike's brainchild, and he continues to contribute heavily to the formation of the core goals of the business. Mike is majoring in hospitality, which is a perfect match for The DL, since we're facilitating relationships between the businesses and people. Mike makes sure that our paperwork is legit.

Rick Metzger

Branding Strategist

As a graphic design major, he is responsible for much of the cohesive design that makes The DL so easy on the eyes. Rick also spearheads brand development, transforming The DL from a business into a family.

Ben Rellick

Web Designer

Ben is the web developer of the bunch. His work behind the scenes ensures that The DL is not only a concept, but an awesome, functioning reality.